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Dr. Sergio Vañó coordinates different teaching activities aimed at dermatologists with an interest in trichology and hair transplantation:

  1. International Master's Degree in Trichology and Hair Transplantation.
  2. International Course in Advanced Medical Trichology.
  3. Practical book of Trichology #TricoHRC
  4. History of the #TricoHRC Research Group
  5. I Advanced Course of Trichology #TricoHRC 2021


Dr. Sergio Vañó and Dr. Pedro Jaén are the directors of the International Master in Trichology and Hair Transplantation for dermatologists at the University of Alcalá. This master's degree pioneers theoretical and practical training to dermatologists in medical trichology and hair transplantation.

The master's degree, accredited with 60 ECTS, has a semi-presence modality. The faculty has prestigious professionals who are among the leading experts in trichology and hair transplantation internationally.

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For information related to the master's degree contact:

You can see more information about the master's degree on the Master's Facebook page..

Jornadas presenciales del Máster Internacional en Tricología y Trasplante Capilar


Dr. Sergio Vañó, Dr. David Saceda and Dr. Pedro Jaén lead the International Course in Advanced Medical Trichology. It is a training action aimed at dermatologists with experience in trichology who want to receive advanced training in medical and aesthetic trichology, through a very practical online content and a clinical stay of two weeks within the Trichology Unit of the Pedro Jaén Group.

This course is accredited with 29 ECTS credits by the University of Alcalá. To get more information related to this course and to see the availability of places and dates contact:

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From the research group #TricoHRC we have recently launched a project that we have carried out with great enthusiasm. This is the "Practical Book of Trichology #TricoHRC", which aims to offer relevant and very practical information in trichology to doctors and professionals in the sector. It is currently available in Spanish and English.

To request a manual, you can contact this email:

You can see more information from the manual here.

4. History of the #TricoHRC Research Group:

In 2012, Dr. Sergio Vañó and Dr. Pedro Jaén created the Trichology Unit at Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, Spain; this unit is currently a center of referral for patient care, as well as for teaching and research. Due to the subsequent incorporation of other brilliant dermatologists to this unit, an active group of research was created, called #TricoHRC, directed by Dr. Sergio Vañó. Different teaching activities are organized from the Trichology Unit, receiving many doctors coming abroad. One of the strong points of the Unit is the research activities; you can see the latest research in thislink).

The following doctors integrate the #TricoHRC Unit with Dr. Sergio Vañó: Dr. David Saceda, Dr. Óscar Muñoz, Dra. Rita Rodrigues, Dra. Ángela Hermosa, Dr. Pablo Fonda, Dra. Claudia Bernárdez, Dra. Rocío Gil, Dr. Carlos Morales, Dra. Laura Miguel, Dra. Cristina Pindado, Dr. Juan Jiménez, Dr. Diego Fernández, Dr. Daniel Ortega.

The #TricoHRC group has a close contact with psychologists, biologists, microbiologists, geneticists, statisticians, immunologists and bioinformatics.

5. II Advanced Course of Trichology #TricoHRC 2022

Advanced course of Trichology targeted to dermatologists with a previous knowledge in Trichology. This second edition will be hold in Spanish language. + INFO



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